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Celebrate the Legacy of Robert Louis Stevenson!

Your gift today helps save the work of Stevenson for future generations!

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Dear friends,

What is the legacy of Robert Louis Stevenson? Is it the many vibrant, unique characters imbued throughout his classic stories? Is it his many memorable poems written for audiences of all ages? Is it his unique quotes which seem to appear at the opportune moment to inspire contemplation and a bit of humor?

It is, of course, all of these and more.

Despite having been written for audiences more than 150 years ago, Stevenson’s words have persisted for generations of readers, as his works pass from teacher to student, parent to child, and inspire others into the modern day. And so today, we are asking you to help in continuing to share Stevenson’s story for generations to come.

This year, the RLS Museum has continued in our mission to connect the human experience with the life, work, and times of Robert Louis Stevenson. This has been achieved through our continued public programming, events, and our advancements in sharing our museum’s collection with researchers and students around the world. Additionally, it has inspired us to look to the future to see what else we can achieve with new technologies to find new ways to build connections to Stevenson.

As we prepare for 2024 and the 55th anniversary of the RLS Museum, we look forward to building new experiences for our visitors and neighbors. This includes increasing programming, introducing new events, and presenting the Stevenson collection in new, and unique ways that highlight not only Stevenson’s life, but his family, and the works he has, in turn, inspired.

But this can only be achieved with the help of Stevensonians like yourself.

At the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, we are grateful for the generous support of our community, both at home and around the world. As 2023 comes to a close, we ask that you consider the Museum in your year-end giving. Your support plays a direct and significant role in sharing the story of Stevenson and creating new, lasting memories for future Stevenson fans.

Thank you very much,

Katherine Cincotta

Board Chair

Vailima Foundation